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Petter Hegre: Thea - Nude Beach

Get in the mood for the return of those long lazy summer days by joining Thea at the beach. You get to admire the view of Thea as she admires the breathtaking natural scenery around her.

Watch her enjoying the sensation of the sun on her naked body as she strolls along the beach without a care in the world. And with her perfectly toned body to keep in shape Thea decides to take a little, bouncy jog down the beach. That's a sight you won't want to miss! The perfect vacation - sun, sand, sea and a beautiful naked girl - what more could you want?

Petter Hegre: Simona - Private Show

Pull up a chair, sit back, relax and enjoy the gorgeous Simona's debut film for The girl with the tight and toned body is deciding what to wear today and it seems she is in a somewhat indecisive mood!

Dressing and undressing, Simona works her way through her extensive wardrobe of sexy lingerie. You get to admire the view as she slips on and off her little tops and see-thru panties - pulling them tight over her perfectly round ass! Sexy, flirty and fun - enjoy this private audience with Simona!

Petter Hegre: Patricia - Photo Epilation

You've seen the photo series, you begged us for the film - well here it is! Join Patricia at the beauty salon and be a fly on the wall in a place where usually no men are allowed! Patricia wants to make sure she is silky smooth all over and is making the ultimate bold statement by getting intimate laser hair removal. This involves getting into all kinds of positions to assist the beautician and being shy is not an option!

So join Patricia at the beauty salon and find out what really goes on behind closed doors. Enjoy this very sexy and rarely seen part of a girl's beauty routine - we promise you are in for a treat!

Petter Hegre: Ira - Oily

You're in for a sweet, sexy treat this week as members' favorite Ira returns in a brand new, all-oily, no inhibitions kind of film! Petite Ira knows it's important to keep her skin soft and supple to the touch.

So enjoy the show as she covers every inch of her heavenly body in slippery wet baby oil. Ira certainly looks like she is having plenty of fun as she oils up her small firm breasts and all those other intimate places. And prepare to be totally seduced when she fixes you with that sexy, flirty look from those big baby-blue eyes - Shy this girl isn't! So sit back and relish this sexy, slippery moment with Ira!

Petter Hegre: Patricia and Thea - Sleepover

Be a fly on the wall this week and prepare to watch what can only be described as an ultra-hot, girls only slumber party! Sensual and erotic, you get to watch these two beautiful women as they share a bed for the night.

Together they explore each others body, caressing soft curves with their fingers, their mouths... This is the ultimate voyeurs' paradise as Patricia and Thea enjoy their intimate girl-on-girl moment. Sexy and so seductive - this film is so hot it should come with a health warning. Sweet dreams!


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